In Gandhi's Footsteps

The Other India Press, Mapusa, Goa, India 1998
© The Other India Press, Goa, India 1998
ISBN: 81-85569-39-8

Books on NGO and activist politics are truly hard to come by. Rainer Hoerig's book on India's social movements – translated for the Indian reader from the original German edition – attempts to meet precisely this gap. A sympathetic outsider, Hoerig attempts a detailed inside view of the country's environment agitations and uncovers their active Gandhian roots. Basing himself on extensive travels and interviews with activists like Vandana Shiva, Baba Amte, Anil Agarwal and others, he provides engaging insights into the functioning of India's alternative politics.

contents and impressum

excerpt: A living Tradition – The Potter Woman Sarabehn (p. 12)

exerpt: Ecology and Tradition (p. 33)

excerpt: Traditions struggle for Survival (p. 35 - 38)


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  In Gandhi's Footsteps